How Can I Extend My Garage Door's Lifespan?

Track CleaningWhen purchasing a home, the last thing you may be thinking about is your garage door. However, depending upon the age of your door, this may be something you want to keep an eye on. Below are a few ways you may be able to extend the life of your garage door.

Know Your Door
Familiarize yourself with your garage door, after all, you can't take care of something if you don't know how it works. Be sure to read your garage door owner’s manual, as well as the manual for your garage door opener. The manual may be able to provide you with specific information about potential maintenance schedules, problems to watch for, how to troubleshoot issues, etc. Reading through the manual once can familiarize you with how your garage door is supposed to work and ensure you are taking proper care of it.

Lubricate Moving Components
Garage doors depend on several moving components to keep them operating properly (i.e. opening and closing smoothly). These mechanisms depend on proper lubrication to do their jobs efficiently. You should especially pay close attention to the tension springs, as these parts do all of the heavy lifting and may cause serious problems should they break or falter.

Have Tracks Checked
Dirt and dust collect on your garage door's tracks over time. This can impact the rollers’ performance, potentially causing them to become stuck or even derailing them. Have the tracks inspected at least once a year and have any visible dirt cleaned with a damp cloth to make sure that everything will continue to operate properly. If rollers are already stuck, due to debris or general neglect, call our service team at Overhead Door Company of Metro Milwaukee™.

Perform Regular Maintenance
Just as you have your car in for regular tune-ups, you should have your garage door checked for any potential issues. Your garage door is an essential part of your home. Scheduling a regular garage door maintenance checkup is a great way to reduce any potential risk of something happening unexpectedly that could cause you to have to buy a new door.

The team at Overhead Door Company of Metro Milwaukee™ is happy to help you understand the health of your garage door and ensure that your garage door is working properly. Call us today to set up an appointment!

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