23 Apr

Keeping Milwaukee Businesses Running Smoothly: Recent Commercial Garage Door Wins

At Overhead Door Company of Metro Milwaukee, we're proud to be the go-to resource for all things commercial garage doors. From repairs to installations, we're committed to keeping your business running smoothly and securely. Today, we'd like to share some of our recent wins that showcase our expertise: DHL Gets Back on Track in Record Time Time is money, especially for a delivery giant like DHL. Recently, they faced a major setback when a stolen vehicle was driven out through a damaged emergency service door. Our team responded quickly and efficiently, fixing the door within two hours. This ...
15 Apr

Don't Overpay for Your Garage Door Repair: Get a Free Second Opinion Today!

In Southeastern Wisconsin, where community and integrity still mean something, there's a name that stands out when it comes to garage door service. As a family-owned business passed down through generations, we've been ensuring that our neighbors are never left out in the cold due to faulty or overpriced garage door services. Why Trust OHD? With decades of experience under our belts, we understand the ins and outs of garage doors better than anyone else in the area. Our expertise isn't just technical; we have a deep understanding of what fair pricing should look like. We believe no one should ...
13 Jan

How to Prepare Your Garage Door for the Winter

Surviving the Winter Chill: A Comprehensive Guide to Maintaining Your Garage Door Winters can get bitterly cold in Southeastern Wisconsin. The frosty air will nip at your skin as you step outside, and the world seems to shimmer under a blanket of snow. For many of us, it's a scene straight out of a winter wonderland. But for your garage door, this can be a time of great struggle. Imagine this: You're all set to head out for work on a frigid winter morning, and as you press that garage door opener, nothing happens. It's stuck. The cold has taken its toll. Now, you're not just battling the ...
05 May

Maximize Efficiency with a Customized Rolling Steel Door Solution

High-Speed Rolling Steel Door Saved Lippman Manufacturing on Energy Costs As winter came and went, Lippman was faced with a daunting challenge: the absence of a high-quality steel rolling door in their garage which was causing significant heat loss and slower work pace. The door's slow opening and closing time was causing additional problems, as workers had to wait for the door to fully open, slowing down forklift traffic in and out of the facility. These delays were costing Lippman time and money. The Benefits of Installing a High-Speed Steel Curtain Door for Your Facility The solution to ...
12 Jan

Multi-Project Managing Garage Door Service Provider

Being a commercial and residential garage door services provider can be a very busy job. With the need to be available for both emergency and scheduled services, it can be difficult to keep up with the demand. On top of that, there are also the regular maintenance and installation services that need to be completed. This can mean long hours and a lot of travel, making it important to be organized and efficient in order to keep up with the schedule. It is important to prioritize tasks in order to manage multiple commercial garage door projects. Creating timelines and staying organized will ...
15 Dec

Southeastern Wisconsin Commercial Garage Door Services

From East to West Don’t be mistaken, our garage door services are not solely exclusive to Milwaukee County. Although we’ve done large commercial door projects in the City of Milwaukee such as The Garage at the Harley Davidson Museum , we are available to serve areas outside of Milwaukee as well. Ideal clients for us are those looking for commercial door installations that are designed to service exit and entry needs of heavy duty equipment. What makes us different is the area we service. Whether it is the city of Milwaukee or westbound across the state of Wisconsin, Overhead Door Company of ...
10 Oct

You’re Telling Me There Are Garage Door Service Scammers?

Service industries exist for the various needs consumers have. We all know there is a fullness of gratitude for businesses out there that perform their services with excellence and integrity. Unfortunately, some people don’t create businesses and services with integrity in mind. A good business understands the market's needs and tailors their services to meet those needs in an honest and economically advantageous way. But when people start to think of what others don’t know and then use the unknown to exploit them, there ends up being a whole dark market full of fake businesses preying on ...
09 Sep

History of Overhead Door Company ™ (Part Two)

Note: Begin in Part 1 for full story Connected to Community Johnson was heavily supported by the chambers of commerce in both Lewistown and Hartford City for his commitment to the community. In both cities, Johnson partnered with the community by selling stock in the factory and allowing the locals to be part of the success of Overhead Door Corporation. According to Tom Wadsworth from DASMA, when the stock market crashed and the Great Depression hit in late 1929, Johnson kept Hartford City alive, and even added more factories despite the economic crisis. In 1930, the company then announced a ...
21 Jul

Garage Door Installation for The Garage of Harley Davidson

Overhead Door of Metro Milwaukee™ is servicing projects all over Southeastern Wisconsin. We are passionate about providing the American working family with everything that involves garage doors, but have also completed many commercial projects we are proud to display. One of our most recent completions was for The Garage of Harley Davidson, which is part of the new construction to the Harley Davidson museum right here in Milwaukee! Our team installed 5 full vision glass doors in the front of The Garage of Harley Davidson located on 400 W Canal St, Milwaukee, WI 53201. This garage matched the ...
12 Jul

History of Overhead Door Company™ (Part One)

Overhead Door Company ™ – A History (Part One) In 1896, Henry Ford developed the first automobile, and a couple decades later he began using the first assembly line to begin mass production. It wasn't long before consumers realized they would need a place to store and easily access these new vehicles. In 1921, C.G. Johnson began his journey to develop a garage door that could safety function and allow an automobile to maneuver through an opening. Thus, the up-ward acting, sectional garage door was invented, and changed the way Americans leave and enter their homes. Over 100 years later, The ...