Top 6 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door

Home maintenance and upkeep is very important. It helps to maintain curb appeal and give one a sense of pride. An area of the home that is often overlooked is the garage. Sure you use it everyday, but does one ever think about the benefits of your garage or the benefits of a new garage door. Replacing your garage door can not only increase the curb appeal, but it can offer a number of other benefits as well. Below are the top reasons you should consider replacing your garage door.

  1. Home Value: Replacing your garage door can provide a significant boost to the value of your home. Trading your old, outdated door for an updated, modern door will definitely help to excite potential buyers should you decide to sell your home.
  2. Home Appearance: An old, outdated garage door can have a major impact to the appearance of your home. Replacing it with a new door can give your home a fresh look. Especially when you take into account the assortment of colors, finishes and styles that are available. Visit our Residential page to see some of the examples of our new modern door styles.
  3. Cost of Heating & Cooling: Many garages have a living space located above them. If you are one of these homeowners you may be able to reduce your heating & cooling costs by replacing your outdated garage door with one that has an R-16 insulation rating. These insulated doors help to keep cool air in during the summer and cold air out during the winter. This can also help improve the temperature of your garage when you go to your car on an early winter morning.
  4. Increase Your Home's Floor Plan: With the installation of a new garage door, you may decide that with the increased insulation and built-in windows, you can now turn your garage into a more comfortable space to enjoy. This opens up your garage to be turned into a studio, playroom or workshop, or just a great space for some extra storage.
  5. Security & Safety: With an updated garage door comes the sense of safety and security. You can rest easy knowing your home, loved ones and belongings are safe. Most modern garage doors use coding systems that make breaking into your home nearly impossible. Modern garage doors also ensure personal safety as they are equipped with photoelectric detectors, these are sensors that detect when someone or something is trying to enter in or out of the garage while the door is in motion. These doors also, often, have a sensor that will automatically turn on a light so you aren't fumbling around in the dark.
  6. Insurance Benefits: As mentioned in #5 with the installation of your new garage door, you will have elevated security and safety. This improvement may make you eligible for a reduced insurance rate. Be sure to inform your insurance agent for the best possible rates.

While installing a new garage door has the above listed benefits, these aren't the only benefits. Contact us today and discover the plethora of other benefits for yourself!

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