Why Spring is the Time to Buy a New Garage Door

Do you have an aging garage door that you have been meaning to replace? If so, you are in luck! Why? Because Spring is the most ideal time to replace your garage door. Of course your door can be replaced anytime throughout the year, however below are some reasons why Spring is the best time of the year for replacement.

Windchill! If you plan to install a new garage door during the frigid winter months, you and the installers will have to face the weather during this time of year and it will not be fun. Having your garage door removed for any period of time will waste your home’s heat and energy. Also everything that you store in your garage will be exposed to the harsh weather. During the winter months your garage door takes a beating. Water freezing in the wood will make it crack when it freezes. Cables and springs take a beating during the frigid temps. Why do this to a new door? Wait until after the long winter onslaught.

Typically the Spring is not too hot, not too cold and spring offers the ideal climate to replace your door in. Booking a new garage door during this season is much easier, as weather-related emergency repair calls during the winter months can interfere with a scheduled installation.

Your garage is the most popular entrance to your home. When you come home, you enter through the garage door. When friends stop by, the first door they see is your garage door. As Spring approaches, we have melting snow, daylight savings time, longer days, outside activities and spring cleaning! Schedule your new garage door installation before you begin to line up your sports equipment, bicycles, and gardening tools.

Summers can get hot! It will be more efficient to have the garage door removed and replaced in the spring before turning on your air conditioning. Besides, who wants to deal with getting a new garage door during a beautiful summer day? Do yourself a favor and take care of this in the spring so that you can enjoy the wonderful days summer. 

Spring is when everyone loves to bring their lawns back to life. Why not add a new garage door to help make your house and lawn look beautiful at the same time? Having new garage doors installed can dramatically increase the value and appearance of your home. Don’t wait until cold fall weather when your yard has lost its summer beauty. Call Overhead Door Company of Metro Milwaukee™ today to schedule your new spring garage door!

Overhead Door of Metro Milwaukee shares why spring is the time to buy a garage door for your home, police or fire station, or company in Milwaukee, Racine, Waukesha, and beyond.

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