Overhead Door Company of Metro Milwaukee™, a company you can trust, has been providing expert service since 1975. Whether you’re looking for a product installation, help with a repair, or regular maintenance to keep your industrial or garage door in the best shape, make Overhead Door Company of Metro Milwaukee™ your first choice. Our service technicians are professional, friendly and ready to help. Plus, as an Overhead Door™ distributor, you can rest assured that every member of our team is trained and knowledgeable to fully recommend a door that will best fit your needs as well as properly installing your new garage door. Call us for all of your service needs!

Garage Door Installation

Our professionally trained staff will install your new overhead garage door, and opener, if purchased, for you to ensure a correct installation. Garage doors and large commercial doors require accurate measurements and alignment in order to receive years of dependable use. Our installation team will install your newly purchased door, install and connect your door opener, and seal the edge with proper weather stripping. The materials we use to manufacture our commercial and residential garage doors are also durable and can withstand nature’s toughest elements, keeping you, your staff, and equipment well protected.

Garage Door Repair

Garage doors are designed to roll silently and with little effort. If you are hearing any noises while opening and closing your door or if it is no longer sliding easily without shakiness, then contact us for a repair. Our technicians will perform a full inspection to find the underlying causes of any issues that you have. Each garage door has several parts that can wear out, break, and bend, including various springs, cables, rollers and their tracks, panels and more. Timely repairs will help prevent further damage to your door or tracks and reduce the need of a new replacement door. After repairs by our professional technicians, your garage door will be running as if it was brand new.

Garage Door Replacement

If you are in need of a new replacement garage door, we will work with you to determine the right door size and style to match your home. We have a wide variety of doors to either match your existing door or give your home or building an upgrade with a new stylish look. After ordering your new door, we will then schedule a time to deliver and install it for you. Garage doors and large commercial doors require accurate measurements and alignment in order to receive years of use from your new overhead door. Our team of experts will remove your old door, install the newly purchased door, reconnect your door opener or install a new one, and seal the edge with weather stripping. We believe in making our customers completely satisfied with their choice of door and our professional installation. When you partner with us, you are receiving a door that will make you smile every time it opens.

Planned Maintenance

As with most moving items around your home or office, it is best to plan ahead for the maintenance of your door. This will allow us the opportunity to review your door and its various parts, including the garage door opener, to prevent the need for costly repairs or replacement later. If you hear any extra noises or if your door doesn't open or close as easily as it used to, call us today to have one of our technicians review your garage door. Scheduling an appointment with us will not only help keep more money in your wallet, but also keep your family and staff safe from any potential garage door harm. As we strive to provide exceptional services, we do so because we care about the safety of all our garage door clients. 

Fire Garage Door Services

Fire garage doors are an important safety feature to help reduce damage to your building and protect the people in your building in the event of a fire. However, their effectiveness is dependent on their ability to work properly when you need them. Our team of trained professionals can perform annual fire door maintenance and inspections to ensure that they are in working condition. If there is any repair that needs to be performed, we can then repair it to allow for smooth operation. We can also assist with Fire Sentinel® resets to ensure your system continues to work properly after each use and no damage was sustained. If you are in need of new fire doors for your facility, our installation experts can install your new fire-rated doors to ensure they are installed properly the first time and reduce the concern of failure due to improper installation.

If you are in search of a new, long-lasting industrial/commercial or residential garage door, garage door repair, garage door replacement, or a garage fire protected door, call 414-769-0487 or contact us for an appointment. One of our team members will be happy to assist you with any residential or commercial garage door questions.